About Me

My name is Michelle K. Martin and I am a software engineer in the game industry. I started my career at Crytek, working on the Crysis series, and since then have had lots of fun working on all kinds of projects – from AAA to small time mobile, from PC to console and even two VR projects.

Together with Sascha Gundlach, another Crytek veteran, I founded MetalPop Games in 2013. We have published Unlock It! in 2014 and Crafting Kingdom in 2016. We’re currently working on a space colonization strategy game for tablets and phones, called Galactic Colonies. We are also doing lots of contracting work for games and simulation projects.

I still love programming as much today as I did when I started after my mom bought me a Commodore 64 for my 11th birthday. When I am not in front of the computer, programming, I am most likely in front of the computer, playing games. 🙂



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