My phone dropped into the bathtub… and lives!

Last night my phone fell into the bathtub.
It slid off the towel on the shelf at the side of the tub, made a splash and disappeared. Complete submersion, for at least 4 seconds.

After realizing what that unexpected splash must have been, I used the headphones like a fishing line to pull it out. Amazingly, the phone was still on, but the touch screen no longer worked.

A previous drop saved it

My phone is working again, 12 hours later. What saved it, at least in part, was the fact that I had dropped it before – on asphalt. That drop had my screen shatter into a million pieces, and forced me to completely disassemble it, replace the touchscreen and digitizer with a replacement ($40 on the internet) and reassemble it.

gas oven

Because of that previous surgery, it was easy to pry the back of the phone off again. Sure enough, there was water inside the phone. I shook it out until it stopped feeling wet and then put the still open phone and a paper towel in the oven for a while. No, I didn’t bake it – I just pre-heated the oven for a few minutes, then turned it off and let the phone lie in the remaining heat for the night.

Withdrawal Symptoms

I spend the night going through the usual phone withdrawal symptoms.
There was no casual gaming, no bedtime audio book and I couldn’t google those random questions that pop into your head at night. I wanted to message my sister and tell her about my mishap, but couldn’t (not without leaving the bed, anyway). I desperately wanted to take a picture of my disassembled phone in the oven, but of course, my phone is my only camera, so no luck. And I very nearly overslept, because my phone is also my alarm clock.

But this morning my phone turned on without complaint and the touchscreen is working again, too.

Not bad, little phone, not bad.


Just in case you were wondering, this was a Nexus 5, by the way.

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