Unity Accessibility Plugin – Update 3 – You’re Using It Wrong!

Time for an update on the progress of the Unity Plugin to make the Unity UI (uGUI) accessible for blind and sight-impaired users. This is part four in this dev blog. You can read the first three parts here, here and here.

You’re using it wrong!

I am a big fan of writing software that requires only a minimal amount manual setup. Do you know Doctor House’s motto “Everybody lies”? Well, as coders we live by a similar motto: “Everybody uses our software wrong.”

A alien is telling a human to stand back and not touch any of the controls in his space ship.

This might be a horrible generalization, but it’s always best to assume that your users don’t read the documentation, don’t follow tutorials and don’t ask for help unless they have to. They rather wildly click on all kinds of buttons and see what blows up. Therefore good software best works out of the box and doesn’t need the average user to click anything.

I couldn’t agree more, which means I am trying to make it so that this plugin requires no more than a minimal amount of setup. Just add the accessibility component to all relevant UI elements and you’re close to being done. I am actually considering a semi-automatic markup feature, that goes through the scene and adds the component automatically to every UI element it finds.


Continue Reading with the next part here

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