I will get a flu shot this year

This week has been hell. My head was wrapped in cotton, my throat hurt so bad that I couldn’t sleep and when I got up to get a glass of water I felt so exhausted as if I’d just run a Marathon by the time I made it to the kitchen. I’ve been sick.

And it isn’t just me. Everyone around here is sick, from my sister to her boyfriend  – and even my dogs have started throwing up. The only person still standing (and currently holding the fort at the office) is Sascha. He apparently has gone and gotten himself a flu shot last fall.

Was it the flu shot?

I know there is some controversy over whether flu shots really work. It’s very possible that the shot is not the reason why everyone got sick except for the one person in the office that got it. Maybe it’s pure coincidence. Maybe Sascha’s immune system was somehow able to ignore everyone spraying their germs at him. Or maybe it’s his love and abuse of hand sanitizer.

But just in case it’s the flu shot, I’m getting one this year.

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