Dev Update #8 – Let the implementation begin!

With Thanksgiving finally out of the way, I have enough peace of mind for another blog post, even if it is just a short one.

Finally I found the time to start the actual implementation of Game Tower! It felt really good to finally create a new project and folder structure in Perforce (Yes, Perforce. I prefer it over Git.)

It will be fun implementing the functionality as I have written it down in the design document. Since the major design work is done, I should be able to focus mainly on the technical side of everything.

Unity Logo

For the implementation of Game Tower I chose the Unity engine. I don’t know it as well as I do CryENGINE yet, but I have worked with it before on two other games (Boob Rescue was made with it as well).

I think Unity is perfect for this game, because I can easily get the game to run on both iOS and Android (and Windows Phone – as per special request from a friend). And it is so ridiculously fast to do anything in this engine that I find myself moaning every time I have to do anything in any other engine now.

Since Unity has just released their new GUI system, I want to use that for Game Tower. I have previously used NGUI, and the base of the new system was written by the same guy, so I expect good things.

 Enough for today, I will post more soon.

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