GamerGate isn’t evil, and feminism isn’t bitchy.

Are all gamers evil because of the harassment of Zoe Quinn? Ugh, surely no one actually believes that?

I refuse to believe it.
I am a female gamer and I refuse to believe that this group of ‘misogynstic male gamers‘, as they’ve been called, is actually all that big of a group.

Every male gamer and every fellow male game developer I have met so far was absolutely nice. I also worked at a AAA game developer for a very long time and found that my skills were what was important, and my gender not so much (ok, mostly). Of course, I worked with human beings, not trolls.

A man with a megaphone proclaims that they all think that women belong into the kitchen. And in bikinis. There a guys behind him saying that they actually disagree - but they don't have megaphones.

But, as always, those that scream the loudest are mistaken to speak for the whole group. Gamers are not evil.

By the way: The same is true for feminism. Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian do not automatically represent all women that are interested in a little more gender equality. I can’t count the times those names have been flung in my face when I so much as mention that maybe not all is always fair and right with the world of men and women.
Stop it. Please.
My opinions are my own. (And I haven’t even seen Anita’s videos.)

GamerGate isn’t evil, and feminism isn’t bitchy.

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