Game Tower – Yet Another Mobile Game

Clearly I have too much free time on my hands, so I have picked up a new side project, and decided to start creating a little mobile game in which the player manages their own game studio. I have been wanting to do this one for a long time.
A woman browsing the app store, thinking "Clearly there aren't enough games yet."
Remember the game Game Dev Tycoon? It was very nice, but I never liked that the player is asked to pseudo-design the games that are developed in his studio. You can pick a genre, topic and platform from a list. The game then evaluates the choices and how well they fit together to determine how successful the game would be. Pick an odd combination and your game will flop. This feels pretty far away from real life, where those games and movies that break the conventions or mix an unusual combination of genres together can be the most successful of them all.

I want a game that focuses more on the management aspect. I want to build departments and hire workers and so on. Tiny Tower is another game I love and that let’s me do that, but for me it was missing the component where the tower actually produces something. Yes, yes, the floors all actually do stock and sell products, I know. But I felt very detached from those products.

Basically, in my little game project, I want to bring the two games together, Tiny Tower meets Game Dev Tycoon. So I think a fitting development working title will be: Game Tower 🙂

On this blog I will post updates during the entire process of development.
(Unfortunately, GameTower was already taken on WordPress, so I went with GameDevTower instead)

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